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Welcome to the TexasShoot-Out Homepage.

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The Texas Shoot-Out has become a tradition that began more than 39 years ago. People travel thousands of miles to attend one of the greatest bow hunting adventures in the world today. The Texas Shoot-out is being hosted by the Legendary Chaparossa Ranch in Zavala County, and located 20 miles south of Uvalde. Please take a moment to browse the site.



Texas Shoot-Out 2019
February 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th


When the ranch opens Wednesday morning, you can start hunting immediately.

The 2019 Texas Shootout will be limited to the first 300 adult hunters pre-registered, We no longer do a gate registration.

Click Here for the new Camp Map!

This map only shows the Ranch maintained camping spot. The rest of the pasture is still available for camping without generators.

  Anyone wanting notification for future hunts to send their email address to texasshootout@yahoo.com as this is going to be the main notification method used in the future.

If you would like your photos from the 2018 Texas Shoot-Out to be featured in our gallery, please send them to John Michel by clicking HERE.


Texas ShootOut 2017 Recap & 2018 News

The 2019 Texas Shoot-Out, it is scheduled for February 20 – 24, 2019. Hunters will be allowed on the Ranch the morning of the 20th to set up camp and begin hunting. WoW! That extra day really worked Great with the Storm hitting late on Sunday. We will again be hunting on the historic Chaparrosa Ranch just outside La Pryor, TX.

Each year we are asked what the weather will be during the ShootOut. February weather in South Texas can be very fickle with temperatures ranging for 20s to 90s. This year was no exception when Mother Nature gave us a fantastic light show with lighting strikes near the camp area, combined with 85 mph winds and 2 inches of rain. This is the same storm that spooned 4 tornadoes which hit San Antonio totally destroyed a couple neighborhoods. I have a friend whose house was a total lose.

Most of our hunters saw the storm coming and made it out of the pastures before the wind and rain hit. A few were not as lucky. Several trucks and a handful of ATVs were stranded in the pasture. No one was hurt, but several were soaked including me, when we went out to try and assist a truck stuck in a low water crossing. It was the afternoon on Monday before we were able to winch the stuck truck out.

HARVEST: Hunters did a better job of hitting their targets this year, 97 Javelinas harvested, 5 feral pigs, and only 3 rattle snakes. Before the hunt started, the ranch biologist said that the Javelina harvest would be higher than 2016. Several hunters told me they took advantage of the information in last year’s recap talking about the little yellow flowers that the Javelina like to munch on.

The 2017 Shoot-Out had 29 First Time New Hunters. One of those was a Six year old who attended the hunt with his Dad and Grand Dad. This young man was able to stalk and shoot a Javelina. However as you might guess, the arrow did not have enough penetration to stick. The young hunter was very disappointed, but that disappointment did not last long. When a short time later he took a rabbit all by himself. When they came to the check-in table, we could not tell who was the most excited, the Young Hunter or the Grand Dad. A new bow hunter is added to our ranks.

Hunt Stories:

You can always trust your hunting buddies!
It was midday when a hunter got a little sleepy and decided to close his eyes. While snoring rather LOUDLY, his buddies decided to remove the broadhead off the nocked arrow. Later when some javalina came out on the corn, his hunting buddies woke him up, like good buddies will do, and let him have the stalk. You guessed it, there were lots of laughs went his arrow fly over the javalina.

Those pesky Bib Coverall buttons seem to catch the bow string when you least expect it. I am not going to OUT the hunter, but his first name is Harold. This same thing happened to one of our staff while deer hunting several years ago and Bret has a good story about that hunt.

John and I were checking the feeder pens as the Ranch requires us to do, and we drove up on a very angry hunter who took our picture. He was upset that some others had driven through his corn and spooked his javalin before he got a shot. He was so upset he told us he would not be returning in 2018. I asked his buddy how his hunt was going, and his reply was “It going Great, I’ve already got one and missed another”. While I was explaining that the Ranch wants us the ride around and make sure hunters are not too close to the feed pens and water troughs, nine Javelinas came out on their corn and the hunters were off on a stalk.

I am sure there are many stories that deserve to be told. If you would like to share a story about yourself and more than likely about your hunting buddy please send your e-mail to (dsmith@esd4.org)

If you have ideas on how we can make the Shoot-Out even better please let us know by e-mailing your ideas. Cannot say we will implement them, but we would like to hear your ideas.
We hope you had a great hunt this year and hope to see you BACK AGAIN in 2018. Bring a friend and/or a new hunter.

History: in 1836 the Chaparrosa Creek. Located just east of the camp area, was a live water stream. General Santa Anna camped his 1800 troops under the trees along the banks of the Chaparrosa Creek, in-route to the Alamo. On March 2, 1836, Texas declared its Independence.

PS: We are working on some 2017 South Texas archery only deer hunts. Many of you hunted deer with us on the Callahan Ranch and we expect this to be even better. As soon as we finalize the ranch agreement we will put out some dates. If you or your group of 8 is interested please send me an e-mail (dsmith@esd4.org)

Sincerely Texas Shoot-Out Staff



When arriving at the entry gate located on Hwy. 57, stay all the way over on the right shoulder until it is clear to enter the ranch. I want to give a BIG AT-A-BOY to all of you for helping us to assist you crossing the Hwy.
As you know the traffic on Hwy. 57 tends to travel rather fast with lots of 18 wheelers going East and West.